Save Time and Money

We are currently working on a software that can assist you in knowing what to buy and where to buy it for the best price!

As of right now, we spend a good amount of time in and out of different grocery stores and can always tell you, our clients, where to buy the best products that fit their budget.

OR! We do the shopping for you.

Mobar & Co. does not have a Liquor License so we can not make any profit on the alcohol we purchase, but with a reasonable shopping fee, we can go make the store runs for you. Cups, Napkins, Ice and Alcohol included.

Work Directly with the CEO and COO

CEO Luis and Coo Ana are not only heads of the company, they also are the faces behind the bar for 99.9% of our events. To ensure quality control and help coordinate details with your event, one of us is always present to help you feel more at ease and more taken care of.

Mobar & Co. has tried doing the wide spread reach of multiple events on the same day, but soon found out that working 3 or 4 events is not big picture thinking. Back in 2017 Mobar & Co. would averaged four or five events on any given Saturday and out of those few, one client would call for return business. It was just impossible to scale so fast without the right team around.

The best services we have provided our clients, are events that we are focused, prepared and not worried about being anywhere else but with one client at a time.

Now with 5 years of mobile bartending under our belts, we can put in all the experience and knowledge we have into every single event we do. From knowing venues all across LA to simply being able to solve problems no one else would event think of, working directly with the client is our focus from here on out.

Highly Intuitive and Experienced Team

Everyone on Mobar & Co. team has had years of management experience with companies like Disney, Starbucks and major hospitality corporations. Being experienced isn’t the only requirement, we ensure they are driven, passionate people focused on service before self.

Our goal is to create a team that not only works well individually but works well as a unit. We have weekly get togethers as friends and work on team building in our everyday lives.

The group of people who you trust on your big day have to be able to function as one and we are just that. I love my team and trust them with every task I give. I know that as OCD as I can be, if I slip up at all, my team is there to back me up and I am there for them.

This is a bit irrelevant, but I also am a huge advocate for paying employees well! Our staff gets compensated more than any other bartending company around and I do that for a reason, I know that if my staff is satisfied with their earnings, they will be more likely to go that extra mile and focus on the details. As would any of us!

Easy Set Up

Our packages are as easy as you can make them! Yes we love customizable and color coded themes, but details can get scary and stressful!

Before we get into the needy greedy, set up is a 1, 2, 3! Bar packages are broken down in simply what you want us to bring.

1.) Just the Basics - hardware

2.) The Essentials - Cups, Napkins, Straws, Ice

3.) The Ultimate - Everything

We find splitting the shopping is easier for some folk than others, and love working with you where ever you are in the planning process. Never too late to reevaluate and strategize these special moments.

Drink Consultation

In-Home Drink Consultations and Tasting are one of my favorite things to do. Send us a list of your wish list drink menu, and we bring all the ingredients out to make you and a few family or friends samples to taste. We can alter them and even come up with custom menu names for each! Making it part of the theme and story.

The goal for this sit down is to know exactly who is bringing what and how much. We write out a shopping list and budget for your alcohol run to simplify the errands you have to do before the event!