Highly Intuitive and Experienced Team

Everyone on Mobar & Co. team has had years of management experience with companies like Disney, Starbucks and major hospitality corporations. Being experienced isn’t the only requirement, we ensure they are driven, passionate people focused on service before self.

Our goal is to create a team that not only works well individually but works well as a unit. We have weekly get togethers as friends and work on team building in our everyday lives.

The group of people who you trust on your big day have to be able to function as one and we are just that. I love my team and trust them with every task I give. I know that as OCD as I can be, if I slip up at all, my team is there to back me up and I am there for them.

This is a bit irrelevant, but I also am a huge advocate for paying employees well! Our staff gets compensated more than any other bartending company around and I do that for a reason, I know that if my staff is satisfied with their earnings, they will be more likely to go that extra mile and focus on the details. As would any of us!