Work Directly with the CEO and COO

CEO Luis and Coo Ana are not only heads of the company, they also are the faces behind the bar for 99.9% of our events. To ensure quality control and help coordinate details with your event, one of us is always present to help you feel more at ease and more taken care of.

Mobar & Co. has tried doing the wide spread reach of multiple events on the same day, but soon found out that working 3 or 4 events is not big picture thinking. Back in 2017 Mobar & Co. would averaged four or five events on any given Saturday and out of those few, one client would call for return business. It was just impossible to scale so fast without the right team around.

The best services we have provided our clients, are events that we are focused, prepared and not worried about being anywhere else but with one client at a time.

Now with 5 years of mobile bartending under our belts, we can put in all the experience and knowledge we have into every single event we do. From knowing venues all across LA to simply being able to solve problems no one else would event think of, working directly with the client is our focus from here on out.